Mosaic Prime

Mosaic Prime is our specialized and expanded turnkey management service for private clubs.

Private clubs are changing. There has been a seismic shift in in what families and the younger generations expect from the club experience. The choice is either adapt – or miss the boat.

Mosaic Prime specializes in leading this change, creating vibrant, highly-connected and remarkable club experiences  – without losing sight of our traditional roots. We obsess over membership sales and retention.Mosaic has sold tens of thousands of memberships using our customized Sales Force CRM, market analytics system, and sales staff training at Mosaic University. This may be why private club management is our fastest growing business today.


Prime builds on the Mosaic Panorama platform to include additional services such as the following:

  • Reciprocal Play at Over 1000 Clubs Via Mosaic Explorer
  • Membership Sales Training
  • Membership Retention Systems
  • Expanded Club Activities – Over 350 Proven Parties and Events
  • Board Relations and Management
  • Market Analysis and Analytics
  • Culinary Excellence Training
  • Spa, Fitness, and Wellness Programs