A Record Sales Month of Cobblestone Cards

A Record Sales Month of Cobblestone Cards

Mosaic Clubs began using a system of doing business called EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) in 2017. While Mosaic already had a system to manage clubs, there was room for added structure as it related to using time efficiently, setting and meeting goals, and staying on track. Mosaic began rolling this system out to our portfolio of owned and managed clubs in January 2018, and Cobblestone Golf Course was one of the first implemented.

During Cobblestone’s initial EOS rollout at the beginning of March, a main topic of conversation was how they could create revenue streams that would not be impacted by weather, (for those non-golfers, golf is 99.99% dependent on weather excluding some of us wacky golf fanatics who will play in rain, sleet, or snow). The staff began brainstorming ideas for “Rocks,” (90-day goals) they could implement that would have a direct impact on revenue. They decided they would set a goal to sell 350 Cobblestone Cards over the next 90 days. This was 45% more cards than they sold in the prior year. While this was an aggressive goal, they felt confident this could be done, and their head golf professional, Mike Wooditch took accountability for the rock.

Fast forward to their next EOS quarterly meeting on May 8th where they found that they had not only reached their goal of selling 350 Cobblestone Cards, but they crushed it! They sold 395 Cards generating $20,221 in revenue, an increase of $5,862 over the same period in 2017.

This uptick in sales came during a stretch of severe weather that limited playable days to only 15 in March. This not only increased Cobblestone’s revenues, but it also built brand loyalty for the golfers that purchased a Cobblestone Card for the entire year. These golfers are now invested in playing Cobblestone and will frequent the course many times before their annual memberships expire.

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