Mosaic is an experienced and entrepreneurial club management company whose sole mission is to make your club better. Much better.

We exist to solve your problems and reach your desired outcomes. We listen – and then begin with the end in mind and work backwards. Along the way, we create an emotional connection with our members and guests, add value to their club experience, and ensure their club does not get lost in the sea of sameness.

Mosaic was started 20 years ago by two ambitious PGA professionals with these goals in mind. We are now a company led by partners with worldwide experience, providing solutions for real estate developers, municipalities, private equity groups, banks, investors, and member owned clubs.

Our company and partners’ experience encompasses every type of golf club – collectively well over 200. From municipal courses to high-end resorts and private clubs across the United States and overseas. Since our headquarters is in Atlanta, home to the world’s most connected airport, we can easily serve clients all over the United States and overseas.

We are obsessed with adding value and making our clubs relevant to all generations and expanding the club lifestyle to meet the challenges clubs face today. Customized trips and adventures, unique experiences, and more family activities than ever are features of a Mosaic club. One of our brands, Mosaic Explorer, is a special website for our members, offering them opportunities to play golf at more than private 1,000 clubs, at other Mosaic properties, as well as golf trips and tournaments, and access to sports and concert tickets nationwide.

To serve our clients better, we developed a way of doing business that delivers that best bottom line results in the business, far better than our larger peers. Since we are owners of clubs as well, we view strategic decisions and operations differently than someone who has never managed cash daily or guaranteed a note. Proprietary solutions such as Mosaic University, ProfitMaker, SaveMe Procurement, ProfitMaker, Digital Wizards, were developed to enhance our associates growth, provide consistently great customer service, maximize revenues, and offer cost savings and containment like no other operator.

Mosaic is affiliated with Braemar Golf  based in St. Andrews, Scotland. Together, we can provide construction, development, and operational solutions and services to clubs anywhere in the world. Please see the Map of Experience for our global reach.

Whether you seek turnkey management or assistance in just one area at your club, Mosaic welcomes the challenge. We’ll leave it better than we found it.

Learn About Mosaic

Who We Are

Our partners and principals represent every area of expertise in club management including operations, food and beverage, membership, marketing, training, human resources, retail, renovation and construction, finance, and accounting.

Mosaic Difference

The Mosaic platform has some unique traits that will benefit you immensely, from reciprocity for our members expanded club lifestyles, substantial savings, platforms, etc. What follows are seven of our large bucket of solutions.

Map of Experience

Mosaic has managed or built 70+ golf clubs in the past 20 years. When coupled with our partners’ prior work managing other clubs prior to joining Mosaic, we have experience at more than 200 properties of all types all over the map.

Expertise in EVERY area of Club Management

Panoramic and Prime Solutions


Mosaic Prime

Mosaic Prime is our enhanced management platform for private clubsWith experience at numerous properties across the entire club private club spectrum, the Prime platform specializes in enhancing the members’ club experience while making private clubs more profitable and vibrant.


Mosaic Panorama

Mosaic Panorama is our turnkey club management solution. It offers expertise and management in every area of club operations. This is the platform we have spent years developing to professionally manage all types of clubs, from daily fee courses and resorts, to private clubs and athletic facilities.

  • Delivering Amazing Results for our Client Clubs

The clubs in our bag

Mosaic University

We place a very high priority on company Associate education and training. This is why we created Mosaic University™.

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ProfitMaker™ is our proprietary system that tracks a club’s labor costs, expenses, and cost of sales on a daily basis.

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SaveMe Procurement

SaveMe leverages our size, experience, and industry relationships into significant savings for our clients.

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Mosaic Explorer

Explorer gives our members access to 1,000+ private clubs, tickets, travel, etc.

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Digital Wizards

Digital Wizards™ is our in-house sales, marketing and advertising agency.

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Mosaic Renewal renovates and improves our golf courses and clubhouses.

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Mosaic Has

1,500 +/- Associates

With Expertise In Every Area You Need: Operations, Agronomy, Food and Beverage, Sales and Marketing, Lodging, Fitness Construction and Renovation, Accounting, Procurement, and Human Resources

True News and Facts


How Trips Around the World Grew a Big Database When Mosaic wanted to substantially grow its database in Atlanta and do something newsworthy as well, we created The Big Giveaway. All golfers playing our multiple courses in the area had to do was provide......

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